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Mohala Stitch Markers

Mohala Stitch MarkersMohala Stitch Markers

Mohala Stitch Markers

A unique group of 6 Cornflower and Bright Turquoise Sea Glass Stitch Markers. The end of row marker also has a gorgeous little Sand Dollar charm.

Mohala is the Hawaiian word for unfolding or blossoming as with flower petals.

This group of Sea Glass contains 5 little center drilled Cornflower Blue pieces. The end of row marker has a unique and very rare piece of Bright of the rarest and most stunning colors!

Beach or Sea Glass is natural found glass that has been tumbled by shifting sands and the tumbling ocean waves and tossed back up onto the beach to be discovered by those patient enough to hunt for it. It resembles precious gems with its frosted surface and rounded edges and stunning colors. Important features are both the colors of the glass (as some are more rare) and the amount of total wear and rounding of its surface. Discovered in the shifting tides these well-worn glass pieces can take several decades to develop the soft round edges and at least 50 to 100 years for a thick piece to become the treasure we hunt for. The use of Sea Glass in jewelry has increased as theses lovely gems become more scarce. I’ve found it almost a meditation to sit in one place as the sun warms my back and the scent of the clean ocean air soothes my soul….watching as each wave brings me new treasures to discover.

There will be some variance in the pieces of Sea Glass as each are unique. Fits up to needle size 10. Set of 6. Length-3/4-1 inch drop.



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