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Goddess Stitch Markers

Goddess Stitch MarkersGoddess Stitch Markers

Goddess Stitch Markers

A stunning group of 6 Faceted Carnelian Stitch Markers. The end of row marker also has a great little Goddess charm.

Carnelian is actually a variety of Chalcedony / Agate family with a presence of iron oxide, which gives it the magnificent deep orange to red color. Carnelian is in tune with the energies of the Earth, making you feel anchored and comfortable with your environment while allowing you to pause and reflect, and feel settled, more secure and confident. It is said to stimulate creativity and have a clearing effect, replacing negative energy with positive and making it easier to find direction and feel in control of your life.

The goddess symbol represents the female that is believed to be the source of life and a woman of great beauty, grace, strength and courage.

There will be some variance in the stones as each are unique. Fits up to needle size 10. Set of 6. Length-1 inch drop.



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