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Jambo NecklaceJambo NecklaceJambo Necklace

Jambo Necklace

Jambo translates as "Hello" in Swahili.This one of a kind necklace focuses on an exquisite Millefiore African Trade bead. On each side are brick red Greenhearts, Russian Blues and african brass spacers. All are strung on greek leather, known for itís smooth finish, consistent color and extra soft & supple texture from the very first time itís worn.

Although millefiori beads have been made back to the 15th century, they appear not to have been made in great quantity until early in the nineteenth century. Most of the beads in circulation today are from the early decades of the twentieth century. In Venice, where they were made, they are known as MOSAIC beads, and millefiori means a thousand flowers. The making of a millifiori bead actually involves two different craftspeople. The first step, the making of the cane, is done in a glass factory. The mosaic slices or chips of this cane, called murrine, are then sold to the beadmaker, who places the chips onto a wound glass core. Sometimes only a few chips are places, or the bead can be covered. There are thousands of different designs of millefiori beads.

Blue European made faceted glass beads from the African trade that are typically referred to as "Russian Blues", because similar beads were traded into North America by Russian fur traders in the early to mid 1800's. Beads such as this are often misrepresented as being Northwesten Coast fur trade beads, when in fact the vast majority came from the bead trade in Africa.

Greenhearts were brought to North America (as well as Africa) from the 1500s to the 1700s. They are Venetian drawn beads with an opaque red coat over a translucent green center.

Please expect some irregularity in the size and shape of these beads, as they are all hand made and traditionally somewhat rustic in nature. Also some chips and pitting are to be expected due to the age of these beads and the many miles theyíve traveled.

Length 17 1/2 inches. A 2 inch extender chain may be added below.



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